Yacht Photographer for high-quality Yacht Photography

Yacht Photographer on the French Riviera, Italy and Spain for high-quality Yacht Photography

Are you looking for a Yacht Photographer because you need high-quality Yacht Photography for your marketing activities? If so, that means that you prefer working with a professional Yacht Photographer who is very passionate about his job, which includes so much more than just shooting excellent Yacht Photos. While amateur photographers or yacht spotters only use daylight, it is our photo equipment which, combined with many years of experience, guarantees the outstanding quality of our products and services.

Yacht Photographer for Yacht Marketing

For more than 20 years, we have been making our customers’ wishes come true thanks to our conceptual Yacht Photography and Advertising Photography. The studio flash equipment we use is the same which world-class fashion photographers in Paris or New York rely on. By using a combination of natural light, the light on the yacht and flash equipment, we shoot brilliant high-quality advertising photos with natural colors and incredible details. As Yacht Photographer, I’m available for commercial Yacht Photography across the Côte d’Azur, in Saint Tropez, Antibes, Villefranche-sur-Mer, Monaco, in the French Riviera, in the Italian Riviera, in Spain - and everywhere else in the world where I can help dreams come true! As Specialized Journalist and Yacht Photographer, I work on shows like the MONACO YACHT SHOW, the ANTIBES YACHT SHOW and the CANNES BOAT SHOW. Before, during and after the shows, I can be booked for professional Photo Shoots and I also offer to write fascinating reports.

Receiving an offer for professional Yacht Photography

If you are looking for a Yacht Photographer and if you would like to receive an offer for a Photo Shoot, please send your request by E-Mail.

  • Your request should include the following information:
  • Which yacht and which motifs do you want to have photographed? Where shall the Photo Shoot take place?
  • Do you have an advertising concept or special motifs in mind which a Yacht Photographer could realize?
  • On what day and at what time should the Photo Shoot take place?
  • What is the purpose of the Photo Shoot (website, brochure, poster, etc.)?
  • Do we need to bring special photo equipment?
  • Do we have to organize people with special qualifications or Photo Models?

If you send us a detailed description, we will be able to calculate the costs of the Photo Shoot and send you and individual offer.

How does a professional Yacht Photographer work?

As professional Yacht Photographer, I do well-organized Photo Shoots for exclusive customers.‎

All my Photo Shoots are planned well in advance in all their details, which is something yacht spotters don’t do. A photographer works on location with the customers, retouches photos and creates yacht websites and yacht brochures. A Yacht Photographer has a small group of exclusive Yacht Photography customers, but he also works in other fields of Photography such as Lifestyle Photography in Italy, Hotel Photography in Germany and Austria, Celebrity Photography in France, Red Carpet events in Monaco, Tourism Photography in Turkey, Industrial Photography in Germany and Model Photography across the globe. So, if you are interested in a Photo Shoot in Saint Tropez, Antibes or other places in the French Riviera, in the Italian Riviera or in Spain, one extra day for my journey there has to be included in the schedule - unless I’m already working in the region!‎

What is the day rate for a special Yacht Photographer?

The day rate depends on the necessary preparations, the demands of the customer and on the degree of difficulty of the Photo Shoot. The calculation of an individual day rate is based on the expenditure of time and effort. If a customer has special wishes, they will be taken into consideration and I will organize the necessary equipment for the Photo Shoot. If a customer does not have such wishes, the Photo Shoot can be offered at a lower price. Day rates start at € 1,500 plus hotel expenses if the Photo Shoot takes more than one day. A professional Yacht Photographer starts preparing a Photo Shoot several days in advance, because there is always a lot to plan and to organize, for example photo permits in Monaco. To make sure I’m dealing with a genuine request, I charge advance payment as a confirmation. You will find more detailed information in the offer I send you via email.‎

Yacht Photographer for Charter Yachts

Charter Yacht Photography presents the entire Charter Yacht offer as a unique experience which leaves lasting impressions on Yacht Enthusiasts - Yacht Photography of Motoryachts and Sailing Yachts for charter offers, Yacht Brochures and Yacht Websites. The Yacht Photographer uses all his skills and his experience to get the best photos of the luxurious Charter Yacht, the Charter Interior, leisure activities such as Wave Runners, Jacuzzis and waters sports offers. Thanks to his experience, a Charter Yacht Photographer notices small but beautiful details and knows how to highlight them. Together with professional Photo Models, unforgettable moments can be staged on luxurious Charter Yachts. Photos of the captain, the yacht crew and Photo Models who are dressed as guests are supposed to outclass the many other competitors.

Luxury Lifestyle Advertising Photography

Demanding customers look for the extraordinary. They look for Luxury Lifestyle Advertising Photography with emotions, just like in a high-quality lifestyle magazine. The more expensive the Charter Yacht is, the more exclusive the guests become and the quality that is expected from a Yacht Photographer. Movie stars, celebrities, billionaires who want to charter a yacht for the duration of the F1 Monaco Grand Prix - they are all looking for Luxury Lifestyle. They read exclusive customer magazines from Ferrari, Porsche, Maybach and Bentley, the Premier Interior Design Magazine, the ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST MAGAZINE, the LUX MAGAZINE, the Robb Report Magazine, the PROUD The Luxury & Lifestyle Magazine, the VOGUE, the Madame, and the KEMPINSKI MAGAZINE. Prospective customers of luxury charter yachts are used to high image quality. They only charter Luxury Yachts which were photographed by the world’s best Yacht Photographers. ‎

If you are interested in others services apart from professional Yacht Photography,
we can offer you:
  • Complementary Services for Charter Yacht Marketing
  • Emotional Advertising Photography for Luxury Yachts
  • Video Marketing for Luxury Yachts
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Personal Charter Yacht Marketing

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Yacht Photographer, Specialized Journalist and Media Designer offers Cross-media Marketing

Yacht photo shoots wherever the most beautiful mega yachts, super yachts are located.

Author Yacht Photographer Harald Schoen. Updated on 2014-06-06.