Yacht Marketing for Luxury Charter Yachts

Marketing for Luxury Charter Yachts has to be much better and much more professional than marketing for cheap yachts or boats, which are only chartered for family excursions. A Luxury Yacht is chartered for pleasure purposes or to set an example of Luxury Lifestyle. Therefore, Charter Yachts must be advertised like a Luxury Lifestyle brand. Someone who wants to be seen as a premium brand by exclusive customers has to present a Luxury Charter by continuously pointing out its high quality, its unique design, the Luxury Services and the overall Luxury Lifestyle.

Prospective Luxury Charter Yacht customers have to be fascinated immediately, so that they will want to know more about your Yacht and not go look at the next one. Those customers know quite exactly what they expect from a butler service, therefore the butler service has to be presented in a stylish and professional way. Photo Models on a Luxury Charter Yacht need show talent to present the outstanding services to the customers. Prospective Luxury Yacht customers have very high expectations and you have to meet them through your Yacht Marketing. When it comes to winning customers, perfect Marketing is everything. Let us make your customers dream! If your Yacht Crew needs a crash course on 5 star service to make the dreams come true, do the course before you do a Luxury Charter Yacht Photo Shoot or a Video Production.

As a passionate provider of Yacht Marketing, we want your Luxury Yacht to be the best Charter Yacht in the world. We will prove that through extraordinary Yacht Photography and Yacht Videos.

Creative Charter Yacht Marketing with Visions

What is the idea behind “Yacht Marketing with Visions“? Charter Yacht Visions describe the desired state of the Yacht which you want to advertise. In Charter Yacht Marketing, you always have the vision of a successful Charter Yacht in mind. Marketing Activities are planned and realized to help turn the visions and goals of the owner or the Charter Yacht Business into reality.

  • Visions describe the contact with customers, demands, professionalism, the own market position
  • Cooperation within the Yacht Crew, personal responsibility, decision-making powers, stress management
  • Identification with the job on the Yacht, motivation, long-term goals, personal development
  • Career opportunities, enjoying the work on a Luxury Charter Yacht, excellent customer service

Visions describe the development of a Luxury Yacht. Marketing goals for the positioning on the exclusive Luxury Yacht Charter market and the responsibility for certain areas to make the visions become reality. The story of a Luxury Charter Yacht starts with visions. The best Yacht Designers get to create unique and unforgettable forms. With exclusive interior and exterior design and innovative technologies, the vision of a new Luxury Charter Yacht is created.

Visions must be based on the existing strengths of a Luxury Charter Yacht and also have to include the values. If the visions are forgotten, the plan of having a successful Charter Yacht is bound to fail. Our goal is not only make Charter Yacht Marketing visions come true, but to keep finding creative ways to constantly improve the Yacht Marketing. We are working to make the Charter Yacht Marketing for your Luxury Charter Yacht even more successful.

From the visions to successful Marketing of a Charter Yacht

If you would like to have as many customers for your Charter Yacht as possible, you have to develop your own Marketing ideas, have ideas developed by visionaries and accomplish the Charter Yacht visions. A good looking high-gloss brochure with texts written by an advertising copywriter from a Marketing agency is not enough of visions for successful Charter Yacht Marketing. To become reality, visions must be kept alive. Yacht Marketing texts which are copied from other Charter Yacht brochures or Charter Yacht web sites rarely are successful visions, because they don’t represent your visions - and your visions are essential to the Marketing success of a Luxury Charter Yacht.

The individual phrases are usually much less important than the dialogue about the text of the visions that comes up between the staff and the executives. The captain and the entire Yacht Crew have to live and to identify themselves with the Marketing vision and work for its success. The texts of the visions have to match the corporate culture and the reality of the Luxury Yacht, otherwise they will not be taken seriously. There is hardly anything more difficult than finding the right words for a good visions text which speaks to the emotions of people. Visions for Charter Yachts are only partly relevant to the public. Captain, Chief Mate, Head Chef, Sous Chef, Chief Stewardess and Chief Engineer set an example of the basic principle of a Luxury Yacht. The basic principle determines the behavior and the decisions of all Crew Members of a Charter Yacht. As a result, you live the Yacht Visions every day when dealing with exclusive customers. Thinking Big - The key to personal power and maximum performance by Brian Tracy revolves around mental laws such as the maintenance of relationships, values and qualities such as self-discipline, courage and persistence to become successful. If your Luxury Charter Yacht offers modern and exquisite French cuisine and a 5 star service, than that’s what we need to present through 5 star Yacht Photography on your Charter Yacht Websites. Charter Yacht Marketing is only successful, when it is capable of fascinating the customers through the Charter Yacht Visions you are living. Only then will they charter or buy your yacht!

Being open to new ideas for Charter Yacht Marketing

Charter Yacht Marketing is a constant challenge, because like the entire world the Charter Yacht Market is changing. The internet, the media and progressive technological innovations influence Yacht Marketing. The Apple iPad is the perfect device for Charter Yachts and for Yacht Marketing Activities on the Yacht itself and on shows such as the MONACO YACHT SHOW or the CANNES BOAT SHOW. Charter guests can playfully explore the whole range of leisure activities, the menus, technical details and the history of a Luxury Charter Yacht through presentations on an iPad. Your Charter Yacht will gain reputation and recognition, because the guests see your Charter Yacht as a brand they feel very connected to. Younger Charter Guests will love using the iPad to explore the Yacht and for excellent entertainment.

Once the Charter Yacht brochure is created and the web design of the Luxury Yacht Home Page is completed, Charter Yacht Owners might be tempted to leave the Yacht Marketing to the Yacht Brokers. But if you want your Yacht Marketing to be up to date and successful, it is crucial to be open to new ideas and to realize them. A Luxury Charter Yacht is like a business which offers Luxury Products to exclusive customers and which is present in the media. So you should be the one producing the next video of Jennifer Lopez and her dancers - on your Luxury Charter Yacht! Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton are back together and finally want to get married - celebrate this on your Luxury Charter Yacht and be the only one to capture the moment of his proposal! After the fantastic wedding, Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton will go on a romantic honeymoon. They will allow a Lifestyle Photographer to document those unforgettable days. Be open to new ideas and make your Charter Yacht appear in Lifestyle Magazines to reach your target group!

Charter Yacht Marketing on the internet

A Yacht Home Page is one of the factors for the economic success of a Charter Yacht. Customers all over the world can have a look at your Charter Yacht. They use the picture search for first impressions. Prospective customers click on the top-listed results. So it is the internet that shows if the Charter Yacht Marketing is working or not. Within seconds, customers decide which Charter Yacht looks the most attractive to them. There are web site operators who publish photos and texts which belong to a Charter Yacht, which they don’t know - just to attain the top ranking in search engines. To have a better ranking than those search engine spammers, a Charter Yacht Website needs links to trustworthy web sites and social networks. Besides the best possible Yacht Photos, Yacht Videos and unique texts, technical details, trustworthiness and being up to date are also decisive factors for a good ranking in worldwide search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

In addition to the search engine ranking and the web site authority with matching keywords, the following questions are also important:

  • Is your web site optimized for mobile devices like the Apple iPhone and Android smartphones?
  • Does your Charter Yacht Home Page only require technologies which are available on all devices?
  • Does your web site’s individual design make it stand out of the many different Charter Yacht web sites?
  • Do you use the latest technologies such as HTL5 and CSS3 or rather outdated table layouts in the code?
  • Are there virtual 360° tours with a long loading time so they are not suitable for netbooks and tablet computers?
  • Does your web site have a good ranking in the major search engines?

Search engines change their search algorithm very often. If your Charter Yacht is not perfectly ranked, then our Online Marketing could help attain a better position in big search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Creative Charter Yacht Marketing with emotions

The range of our Yacht Marketing services aimed at enhancing the Marketing of your Yacht include Yacht Photography, Yacht Lifestyle Photography, Video Marketing, Web Site Optimization. We are at your side to help you realize your marketing goals. We are not trying to act as competitor of your current marketing department, your marketing agency or your marketing advisors. We don’t compete with Yacht Brokers or Yachting Agencies which operate within their own networks. The American market with prospective Luxury Charter Yacht customers is different from the European market. In order to win customers in Asian growth markets like China, knowledge of the Chinese Market, the mentality, interests and habits as well as inside knowledge of prospective customers would be important. It takes a lot of Marketing Activities to make a Luxury Charter Yacht stand out on the Charter Yacht Market. As a small business with big goals we are very flexible and our strength is to realize creative Charter Yacht Marketing in a short amount of time. While Marketing Experts are still discussing, we are already several steps ahead and present first results to target Charter Yacht Customers.

Yacht Marketing through extraordinary Yacht Photography and Yacht Videos

We want to make your Luxury Charter Yacht to the best Charter Yacht of the world.

Author Yacht Photographer Harald Schoen. Updated on 2014-06-06.