Fascinating Yacht Photography for Private Yachts

We are intrigued by the beauty and perfection of Motoryachts and Sailing Yachts. As a team of specialized journalists and Yacht Photographers, we have many years of experience of working at shows such as the MONACO YACHT SHOW and the ANTIBES YACHT SHOW. I’m a trained advertisement photographer and together with my brother, I offer exclusive Lifestyle Photography with Photo Models to luxury hotels and businesses for the marketing of high-quality products. We work on location with a mobile studio and we use super wide angle cameras, high-resolution digital cameras, or video cameras and analogue cameras to shoot photos from unique perspectives.

Yacht Photographer for Private Yachts

Are you looking for a Professional Photographer for your Private Yacht? When you invite business associates to your Private Yacht, when you have a party with movie stars such as Aishwarya Rai, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Shahrukh Khan, or when your guests are music stars, for example Beyoncé Knowles, Rihanna, Ronan Keating and Robbie Williams, or top photo models such as Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum, you are looking for a Yacht Photographer for Private Yachts, who captures these special moments so they can live on forever. The party on your Private Yacht with guests from the film and media industry will definitely be a huge success. Of course, you only want a selection of high-quality celebrity photos to be published by the media. This would be the perfect job for us as Yacht Photographers for Private Yachts.

If you like, we retouch the photos on location on an Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display. You don’t have to worry that photos or videos from your yacht will be published without your permission. If you’re looking for a Yacht Photographer for the next Cannes Film Festival or high-profile events in Monaco, we will be happy to receive your request.

Yacht Photographer for business events on Private Yachts

As a successful entrepreneur, you’re planning a meeting with business associates on your Private Yacht. It’s always great to talk about success, prosperity, independence, a luxurious lifestyle and the 5 star kitchen on your Private Yacht. Photos by a professional Yacht Photographer could make the meeting with your business associates even better. Souvenir photos are kept and remembered for a long time and still serve as souvenir and source of motivation for your guests after many years. Business events such as meetings and jubilees, or moments when staff members are honored for their achievements become even more special when they are professionally documented by a Yacht Photographer. Even after a long time, the photos will make your guests think about the fantastic business event and remember how great you were as host.

Yacht Photographer for private events on Private Yachts

You are successful in your job and a proud owner of a private Luxury Yacht. With your Private Yacht, you are independent and can make your family’s wishes come true almost anywhere in the world. One of the biggest wishes of Yacht Owners is to have the whole family on board and to spend more time with their kids. The time flies by, and soon, the kids will be back home. Until you meet again, the memories stay in mind. If you would like to have your best memories documented through photos and videos, I am the professional Yacht Photographer to hire. You could surprise your family or guests by giving them an Apple iPad with photos and videos from their stay on your Private Yacht as a very special souvenir. Memories of domestic bliss and friendships are abiding values. So don’t hesitate to have a trustworthy Yacht Photographer document emotionally valuable private events on your Private Yacht. As multimedia designer, I will be there to help you if you would like to use high-quality photos and videos to create iPad and iPhone presentations which you can take with you wherever you go.

Yacht Photographer documents the story and success of entrepreneurs

Owners of private Luxury Yachts are something special. They have worked very hard and now they face criticism for their prosperous and luxurious lifestyle from people whom they have never met in their life. When entrepreneur Reinhold Würth received his white Vibrant Curiosity Superyacht, which was built by Oceanco near Rotterdam and has a length of 85 meters, he asked his guests for discretion. A few weeks later, Reinhold Würth was sharply criticized by the media because he resorted to short-time work and salary cuts in his company. The reasons which the successful entrepreneur gave were a loss in sales and his attempt to save jobs. In the media, he was presented as previously convicted tax evader and he was criticized for the purchase of his Vibrant Curiosity Luxury Yacht with an estimated value of € 100,000,000.

I had the chance to meet Reinhold Würth personally and to form an opinion about him. From my point of view, an entrepreneur of outstanding achievements does not deserve to be condemned by the media through negative reporting. If the story and success of Reinhold Würth, his achievements in creating jobs, his social commitment and his concern about his workforce had been better emphasized, he certainly would not have received that degree of criticism.

As a Yacht Photographer and Freelance Journalist, I would like to document the story and success of Private Yacht Owners so they appear in the correct light. Over many years, entrepreneurs are behind the wheel to steer a business to success. Now, if you are behind the wheel of your private Luxury Yacht and if you are looking for a Yacht Photographer for a documentation or for Lifestyle Photography, I can’t wait to work with you.

Yacht Photography on Private Yachts by a professional Yacht Photographer

Photos by a professional Yacht Photographer could make the meeting with your family and friends even better.

Author Yacht Photographer Harald Schoen. Updated on 2014-06-08.