Yacht Photographer offers Cross-media Marketing

Welcome to the world of Yacht Photography. The professional Yacht Photographer and Specialized Journalist Harald Schön, who loves to capture spectacular Yachts and extraordinary Lifestyle! Depending on the individual request, I work alone or with my team, the "Action-Team Schön". Upon customer’s request, we publish our Yacht Photos, reports and press reports in magazines or on blogs, social networks and internet portals. As Advertising Photographers and Media Designers, we work where we are needed and where we are paid. If you have visions of professional Photo Shoots, Marketing Campaigns or Cross-media Marketing, you should look for reliable photographers, designers, image processing specialists and media designers who are there to help you. I, as the company’s owner, can’t wait to work for you with all my expertise and passion. As Yacht Photographer and image processing specialist, I retouch the Yacht Photos, write reports and create web sites - also on location in businesses and hotels, or on ships. Upon customer’s request, I’ll bring my mobile studio and my team, high-resolution digital cameras and computers for image processing.

What we offer in Marketing

  • Professional Advertising Photography like Yacht Photography, Real Estate Photography, Hotel Photography
  • Image Processing to enhance the image quality, HD Retouching
  • Web Design, Web Site creation with latest internet standards, Creation and Optimization of Blogs
  • Concepts and Updates of advertising mediums like fliers, brochures, posters, videos, PDF documents
  • Special Web Site Optimization for mobile devices, presentations on the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPad
  • Emotional Video Marketing, Video Processing, Product Videos, spreading through video portals such as YouTube
  • Web Site Optimization, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Maintenance and Expansion of existing Web Sites

Individual Cross-media Marketing offers for unique customers

We are targeting customers with visions of special Marketing Projects and clear goals in mind. Most Cross-media Marketing Projects are stopped before they are successful. That’s why we have precisely defined goals, which are put down on paper and paid for in advance. Our working method is success-oriented. We expect undivided support from our customers and staff, otherwise we interrupt our work. If jobs are not done, customers obtain a refund. If the working situation improves, we are ready to continue the Marketing Campaign in the interest of our customers, because our goal is their lasting success and we offer them a long-term cooperation based on fairness.

Cross-media Marketing Campaigns before Shows and Events

Cross-media Marketing is a great opportunity to creatively connect different advertising channels with regard to content and time in order to reach customers on all levels. Through creative Marketing Strategies, Cross-media Marketing can significantly raise communication effectiveness. The potential and the advantages of different Media Channels are brought together before shows and events to reach prospective customers. If you would like to present your Luxury Charter Yacht before Yacht Shows like the MONACO YACHT SHOW, the Cannes Boat Show and the Antibes Yacht Show, you could use Cross-media Marketing to reach new customers.

Through the development of the internet, Online Journalism using cross-media concepts has also developed further. In Cross-media Marketing, an advertising message gets to the customer through at least three media channels. The Marketing Concept is especially tailored to the customer so that he or she takes a closer look at the product and identifies with it.

Printed advertising is associated with haptic perception and targets the mind, films and music arouse emotions and the internet is supposed to communicate and make customers sign up for events or place an order. A higher level of communication makes the advertising more effective, which results in finding new customers, enhancing customer loyalty, strengthening a brand and getting customers to buy a product. The effect of Cross-media Marketing is often increased by promotional activities and invitations to events.
Efficient Cross-media Marketing in Yacht Marketing

Efficient Cross-media Marketing permanently has to be adapted to new developments. Today, Yacht Marketing consists of content-rich web sites with modern web design, search engine optimization, brochure creation, writing reports for technical magazines, boat magazines, lifestyle magazines, distribution of news through the internet, video marketing, event marketing and social media marketing on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. If you are looking for a team of Cross-media Marketing experts specialized on activities like Yacht Web Design, Yacht Photography and Advertising Photography, we will be happy to hear from you!

Professional Advertising Photography - the best proof of excellent performance

Professional Advertising Photography in Yacht Photography proves the real existence of Luxury Charter Yachts, products and services. Photos show the quality of a product. If a Charter Yacht Photo Shoot is professionally staged in a perfect environment and with beautiful Photo Models, prospective customers see immediately that you are ready to fulfill their every wish.

Creative Advertising Photography reaches prospective customers on an emotional level. If they can identify with your advertising photos, they will get in contact with you. With an emotionless computer animation instead of professionally staged Charter Yacht Photography, prospective customers might think that your Charter Yacht has not yet been built. So don’t hesitate to choose professional Advertising Photography for your Luxury Charter Yacht, exclusive Lifestyle Products and first-class services as proof of quality and excellent performance.

Yacht Photography with professional image processing and image retouching

In addition to high-quality Photography of Luxury Yachts, Luxury Cars, Interiors, Luxury Lifestyle Products and Advertising Photography with Photo Models on yachts, we offer creative image processing for perfect Yacht Photography. If you’d like to learn more about our Advertising Photography, visit our IMAGE-DELUXE web sites, where we present Photography with Photo Models and HD Retouching. Details which are lost because the photo is too bright or through shadows can be made visible thanks to image processing and thereby raise the quality of Advertising Photos of Luxury Yachts.

Yacht Photographer for high-quality Yacht Photography

Photos by a professional Yacht Photographer could make your Yacht Marketing more successful.

Author Yacht Photographer Harald Schoen. Updated on 2014-06-08.